Asiana Services Combine specialize in the following audits:

  • Audit of Operational parameters
  • Audit of cost control and supply line parameters
  • Audit of Economics of a Food & Beverage business
  • Audit of food production parameters
  • Audit of Hygiene and HACCP parameters
Requirements for audits:

Operational benchmarks should be integrated with an efficient audit trail. Audits are vital support functions for the operations. Audits support examination of existing benchmarks and provide information and guidelines for future improvements on performances in the matter of:

  • Effectiveness of operations
  • Revenue-earning capacities
  • Costs
  • Profits
  • Average customer-spend per cover
  • Alignment with budgets
  • Comparatives with same business period of the previous year
  • Forming strategies for possible disruptions
  • Hygiene