Menu Creation

  • Devising the Menu and/or support in creating the menu.
  • Identifying creative agency for menu design and follow-ups on the menu printing.
  • Inter-acting with the marketing agency.

Budgeting & Business Plan Creation

  • Investments and Capital Expenditure.
  • Pre-opening operating expenditure.
  • Gestation period expenditure.
  • Returns on Investments.

Setting Up Of Mother Kitchen

  • Sourcing cheaper commercial space if required.

Compiling Of Standard Operating Procedures

  • These would be compiled for all aspects of operations, customer satisfaction and cost-efficiencies.

Creating Tools For Value To Clients

  • Identifying the required Service Standards.
  • Identifying the required Service Guarantees.

Creating Quality Food Production Control Tools

  • Creating the Standard Recipes.
  • Creating the Standard Menu Item presentations.

Creating The Food Production Cost Control Tools

  • Standard Purchase Specifications for all purchases
  • Standard Yields
  • Standard Portion sizes
  • Standard Portion costs

Kitchen Stewarding Services

  • Comprehensive kitchen stewarding services would be provided for pre-launch operations